Ethical hacking – Phishing on Business Email Compromise 101

This course will cover the basic to advanced phishing techniques on business email compromise. You will learn the attack from attacker ‘s view and know how to defence.


For non – technical, please focus on General Security Awareness, you will learn a lot from phishing and understand how to defence it.

For technical, you can learn how to make a phishing email POC by meterpreter using MS excel. Also the latest phishing method “DDE” is also working in progress.

General Security Awareness topic:

  1. Basic information – What is Phishing ? Why Phishing is common? The scope is covered most basic information about phishing.
  2. Information Resources – Where do attackers get the information? It aims to let you know how attacker collect your information and how to prevent it.
  3. How to begin as email scammer – What will you do if you are scammers? Of course I will not recommend anyone to be scammer but if you understand how to make it, you will know how to defence it.
  4. What is spoof of Domain – Common Techniques, This Chapter is very good that I can show you what common techniques that attacker will use.
  5. How to defence – There are solutions from different roles.

Technical area:

A REAL Lab – how to setup phishing attack

This lab will teach you how to setup phishing attack plus below features:

a. Fileless attack and difficult to trace

b. 443 port attack and not easy to block

(Working in Progress)

Lab on how to setup DDE attack, you will know exact coding inside the document.

Who is the target audience?
  • College Students
  • Cyber Security Professionals
  • Boss

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