How to Change Your iPhone’s Name

Have an Apple product but don’t like the name it came with? You can rename your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with just a few clicks or taps. Here’s how.

How to Change Your iPhone's Name

You’ve got an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, and it’s working fine. There’s just one problem. The name. Your device may sport a generic name bestowed upon it when you first set it up. Or it may have had a previous owner and is still hanging onto that person’s name.

If more than one iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch has a home among your family members, you’ll also want to give each one its own unique name.

Or maybe you want a more generic moniker that won’t identify you via AirDrop to other surrounding iOS owners.

Whatever the reason, you’re not stuck with the existing name. You can change it to something more specific and more personal. You can change the name of your iPhone or iPad through iTunes or on the device itself. And you can change the name of your Apple Watch via the Watch app on your iPhone. Let’s go through the steps for renaming your Apple gadget.


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