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Posted on July 6th, 2018

Hacking with React

Want to learn React? Of course you do, which is why this book, Hacking with React is for you: I’ll teach you React programming from scratch, with no time wasted on pointless history lessons or random tangents. You’ll learn how to make a real web app using React 0.14, React Router, JSX, Jest, Webpack, Babel, ES6 and more, and you’ll do it at a pace you never thought..

Topics included: The Importance of using Webpack with React • Introduction to JSX • Importing React Components using ES6 • What are React Props? • Generating Random Values for Our Page • How to Write if/else Conditional Statements in JSX • Using JSX to Render Several Elements at Once • Handling Events with JSX: onClick • State vs Props in React • Changing a React Component’s State with setState() • State and the Single Source of Truth • Rendering an Array of Data with map() and JSX • Cleaning up and Preparing for a Real Project • Fetching Ajax Data from GitHub using SuperAgent • Converting GitHub’s JSON into Meaningful JSX • Time for a Task: Reading from Three Feeds • How to Upgrade Our App to Read Three • Feeds • Refactoring our Ajax Code: Don’t Repeat Yourself • Refactoring our State Code: Passing Parameters in onClick • Introducing React Router • How to Add a New Route to React Router • Creating a Link Between Pages in React Router • Making Custom URLs with React Router Params • Adding a Root Route • Using React Router and IndexRoute • Cleaning up Our Routes and Preparing for the Next Step • Time for a Test: Clickable Usernames • Making Usernames Clickable: My Solution • Time for some Basic User Interface Polish • Adding React Router Breadcrumbs with Link and IndexLink • The First 80% is Done: Now What? • How to Configure Jest to Test React and ES6 • Creating our First React Test with Jest • Using Jest to Test Our React Components • Using Jest to Simulate User Interaction on a React Component • Time for Ajax: Using Jest with Asynchronous Tests • Mocking Ajax with Jest: Making an Asynchronous Test Become Synchronous • Cleaning up Our Tests: Last Tweaks • Linting React using ESLint and Babel • Linting React using Airbnb’s ESLint Rules • How to Add React Component Prop Validation in Minutes • Bringing it all Together: Project Complete!.

Book Details

Author(s): Paul Hudson
Publisher: Leanpub
Published: May 2016
Format(s): HTML(Online)
File size: –
Number of pages: 123
Download / View Link(s): Read online

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