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Posted on July 5th, 2018

Kotlin / Android Studio Development Essentials

Fully updated for Android Studio 3.0 and Android 8, the goal of Kotlin / Android Studio Development Essentials is to teach the skills necessary to develop Android based applications using the Android Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the Android 8 Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Kotlin programming language. This book contains 88 in-depth chapters and 45 sample projects (including the source code).

Topics included: Setting Up an Android Studio Development Environment • Creating an Example Kotlin Android App in Android Studio • A Guided Tour of the Android Studio User Interface • Creating an Android Virtual Device (AVD) in Android Studio • Using and Configuring the Android Studio AVD Emulator • Testing Android Studio Apps on a Physical Android Device • The Basics of the Android Studio Code Editor • An Overview of the Android Architecture • The Anatomy of a Kotlin Android Application • An Introduction to Kotlin •
Kotlin Data Types, Variables and Nullability • Kotlin Operators and Expressions • Kotlin Flow Control • An Overview of Kotlin Functions and Lambdas • The Basics of Object Oriented Programming in Kotlin • An Introduction to Kotlin Inheritance and Subclassing • Understanding Android Application and Activity Lifecycles • Handling Android Activity State Changes • Android Activity State Changes by Example • Saving and Restoring the State of an Android Activity • Understanding Android Views, View Groups and Layouts • A Guide to the Android Studio Layout Editor Tool • A Guide to the Android ConstraintLayout • A Guide to using ConstraintLayout in Android Studio • Working with ConstraintLayout Chains and Ratios in Android Studio • An Android Studio Layout Editor ConstraintLayout Tutorial • Manual XML Layout Design in Android Studio • Kotlin – Managing Constraints using Constraint Sets • A Kotlin Android ConstraintSet Tutorial • A Guide to using Instant Run in Android Studio • Android Event Handling in Kotlin • Android Touch and Multi-touch Event Handling • Detecting Common Gestures using the Android Gesture Detector Class • Implementing Custom Gesture and Pinch Recognition on Android • An Introduction to Kotlin Android Fragments • Using Fragments in Android Studio – A Kotlin Example • Creating and Managing Overflow Menus on Android with Kotlin • Animating User Interfaces with the Android Transitions Framework • A Kotlin Android Transition Tutorial using beginDelayedTransition • A Kotlin Android Scene Transitions Tutorial • Working with the Floating Action Button and Snackbar • Creating a Tabbed Interface using the TabLayout Component • Working with the RecyclerView and CardView Widgets • A Kotlin Android RecyclerView and CardView Tutorial • Working with the AppBar and Collapsing Toolbar Layouts • Implementing an Android Navigation Drawer in Kotlin • A Kotlin Android Studio Master/Detail Flow Tutorial • An Overview of Android Intents in Kotlin • Android Explicit Intents – A Kotlin Example • Android Implicit Intents – A Kotlin Example • Kotlin Android Broadcast Intents and Broadcast Receivers • Kotlin Threads and AsyncTasks • Kotlin Android Started and Bound Services • Android Started Service – A Kotlin Example • Android Local Bound Services – A Kotlin Example • Android Remote Bound Services – A Kotlin Example • An Android 8 Notifications Kotlin Tutorial • A Kotlin Android Direct Reply Notification Tutorial • An Introduction to Android Multi-Window Support • A Kotlin Android Multi-Window Split-Screen and Freeform Tutorial • An Overview of Android SQLite Databases • A Kotlin Android TableLayout and TableRow Tutorial • A Kotlin Android SQLite Database Tutorial • Understanding Android Content Providers • A Kotlin Android Content Provider Tutorial • Accessing Cloud Storage using the Android Storage Access Framework • A Kotlin Android Storage Access Framework Example • Kotlin Android Video Playback using the VideoView and MediaController Classes • Android Picture-in-Picture Mode using Kotlin • A Kotlin Android Picture-in-Picture Tutorial • Video Recording and Image Capture on Android using Camera Intents • Making Runtime Permission Requests in Android • Android Audio Recording and Playback using MediaPlayer and MediaRecorder • Working with the Google Maps Android API in Android Studio • Printing with the Android Printing Framework • A Kotlin Android HTML and Web Content Printing Example • A Kotlin Guide to Android Custom Document Printing • An Introduction to Android App Links in Kotlin • A Kotlin Android Studio App Links Tutorial • An Introduction to Android Instant Apps • A Kotlin Android Instant App Tutorial • Adapting an Android Studio Project for Instants Apps • A Guide to the Android Studio Profiler • A Kotlin Android Fingerprint Authentication Tutorial • Handling Different Android Devices and Displays in Kotlin • Signing and Preparing an Android App for Release.

Book Details

Author(s): Neil Smyth
Publisher: Payload Media
Published: November 2017
Format(s): HTML(Online)
File size: –
Number of pages: 740
Download / View Link(s): Online

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