Tricks to Restart Windows 10 or Shutdown Windows 10

One of the notable features of Windows 10 has been the revert back to Start Menu (by default). Windows users all over the world have heaved a sigh of relief on witnessing this major change in the latest Windows Operating System. With this default availability of Start Menu for Windows 10 OS, the task of shutting down Windows 10 or restarting Windows 10 operating system has been simplified to a large extent.

In case of Windows 8, the presence of start screen made it difficult for Windows users to carry out the activities like restart or shutdown of the Windows OS. However, those who liked the Windows 8 “Start Screen” can still get it with Windows 10 by removing the tick for the option “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen” under the “Start Menu” tab in the Properties dialog section (accessed through right-click on Live Tiles of Start Menu). For others, please refer the below mentioned tips to restart or shutdown Windows 10 Operating System from Start Menu or using Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Easy Tricks to Shutdown and Restart Windows 10 OS

From the keyboard, you can press Ctrl + D key options to arrive at your desktop and then press Alt + F4 keys to trigger the shutdown dialog box. If you haven’t opened any files or windows, you can simply use Alt + F4 to launch the shutdown pop-up box. From the shutdown dialog box drop-down list, you can either choose to “shutdown” your system or “restart” your system or even “sign out” or “switch user”.

From the Start Menu, you can click the start button to access the “shutdown” or “restart” options (from Power options below your name) for your new Windows OS.

Windows 10 shutdown restart options

Windows 10 shutdown restart options

Alternatively, one can right-click on the Start button to go to Quick Menu for system restart or shutdown activities.

Thus, Microsoft has understood the basic issues that users faced with Windows 8 and tried to address it in a simple way by making the Start Menu available in the Technical Preview of Windows 10 OS. Life is much more simpler with direct options to restart or shutdown your PC (system) from the start button itself.

Let us know what do you think of so many multiple options made available in the Windows 10 TP!

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