Firefox 66 to Offer Better Compatibility with GNOME Desktop, Improve Scrolling

With the Firefox 55 release out the door, Mozilla will now focus their efforts on improving the open-source and cross-platform web browser for the next major release, Firefox 66, due in mid-March.

Just like with almost all new Firefox releases, Mozilla will try to improve the stability and performance of its popular web browser by implementing new features and options. This is the case of Firefox 66, which is now open for development and promises several changes to make your browsing experience better and more enjoyable.

The good news for Linux users is that Firefox 66 will ship with the title bar hidden by default to match the human interface guidelines (HIG) of the GNOME desktop environment, which is used by default in the popular Ubuntu operating system, as well as numerous other GNU/Linux distributions. Check the screenshots below to see who Firefox 66 will look and how it looks like.

Improved scrolling and performance, other changes

The Firefox 66 release will also improve the scrolling behavior with scroll anchoring, which prevents web content from jumping around while the page is loading, add the ability to search through your open tabs from the tab overflow menu, block all autoplay media with audio by default, and improve the overall performance of the web browser by increasing the content processes to eight.

Other noteworthy changes include better I/O performance through a new backend for the storage.local WebExtensions API, the ability to override or manage WebExtension keyboard shortcuts from the about:addons page, a new about:privatebrowsing page with search, and adds notifications for the certificate error page to inform users about certificate issuer’s name which breaks HTTPs connections.

For developers, Firefox 66 adds the ability to select new elements on a web page when pausing the debugger, makes the window.alert()/prompt()/confirm() function to work again in Responsive Design Mode, and allows you to execute JavaScript code from WebConsole’s auto-completion pop-up. You can download the latest Firefox 66 beta right now from our web portal.

Firefox 65 with title bar

Firefox 65 with title bar

Firefox 66 with hidden title bar

Firefox 66 with hidden title bar

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