Google Chrome Will Support Another Key Windows 10 Feature

Microsoft is pushing hard for its Windows Mixed Reality platform, and the company could soon get some help to make this effort successful from none other than its long-time rival Google.

Because as it turns out, the search giant is currently looking into adding support for the mixed reality platform to Google Chrome using the WebVR standard.

This technically means that users will be able to browse the web with Google Chrome with a Windows Mixed Reality headset, though for the time being, such capabilities are still in the early stage and an ETA isn’t available.

Google looking at this feature, however, isn’t necessarily surprising, As 9to5google noted, Microsoft has turned this project into one of its key projects based on Windows 10, and the platform has constantly expanded with the addition of new software, including games.

Project still in early days, no ETA available right now

Until now, however, browsing options have been rather limited, with Microsoft pushing hard for Microsoft Edge to be used by with a Windows Mixed Reality headset. Obviously, the arrival of Google Chrome on the platform would bring major benefits to users, especially because this browser is currently the leader in terms of market share on the desktop, with more than 65 percent of PCs running it.

At the same time, Microsoft is also planning major changes on the browser front. The company will soon migrate to the Chromium engine for its very own Microsoft Edge browser, with a preview of the updated application expected as soon as this quarter.

Microsoft Edge will stick with the current look and features, but Microsoft says that working together with the other companies using the same engine could help significantly improve the Chromium project, which eventually brings major benefits to the entire web.

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