Mozilla Thunderbird 60.5.0 Now Available for Download

After the major Firefox update that went live one day ago, Mozilla is back with another important release, this time for users of its Thunderbird email client.

Mozilla Thunderbird 60.5.0 is now available for download with a series of major improvements, including support for WeTransfer file sharing service.

In case you’re wondering why would anyone use a third-party file sharing service in Thunderbird, it’s all because this way you can send large attachments without worrying about storage space.

WeTransfer is already one super-popular service in this category, so Mozilla now allows Thunderbird users to take advantage of its features without even leaving the email client.

The WeTransfer support has been included in the Filelink feature, which is suggested whenever a large attachment is being added to an email. In addition to WeTransfer, Thunderbird also supports Box, but other third-party services can be added with add-ons.

Exchange improvements

Additionally, the release of Thunderbird 60.5.0 comes with Google and DuckDuckGo as search engine defaults in some locales, but also with improvements in terms of settings detection when creating new accounts. Mozilla says it has focused specifically on making it easier to set up Exchange accounts within the app.

“During account creation, Thunderbird will now detect servers using the Microsoft Exchange protocol. It will offer the installation of a 3rd party add-on (Owl) which supports that protocol,” the changelog reads.

There are obviously several other fixes, including a patch for the crash occurred when using a custom sound for new email notifications, but several known issues too. For instance, Twitter still isn’t working due to the latest API changes of the service.

Additionally, Mozilla warns of changes that could affect profiles stored on Windows network shares that are accessed with drive letters, with the company explaining these are now addressed via UNC.

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