Windows 10 Version 1903 Will Make It Easier to Fix Errors Blocking the Upgrade

If there’s anything that Microsoft learned after the Windows 10 October 2018 Update fiasco, it’s that the company needs to pay much more attention to bugs, errors, and feedback pointing to problems with its operating system.

And in an attempt to make the error reporting much more straightforward, the software giant is now considering a series of improvements to the screen displayed during a Windows 10 upgrade and pointing to potential issues with the process.

As long-time Windows 10 users probably know by now, installing a new OS feature update could be blocked by various issues, including software and driver compatibility bugs.

Such problems are typically displayed before the upgrade process begins in a screen called “What needs your attention,” so that users are always aware that something may not work as expected if they continue the upgrade.

Major improvements on their way

But as the Windows team explained in the latest webcast, this particular screen isn’t necessarily helpful for users, especially for beginners, because it lacks some key features, including a link to the KB articles that it points to.

Beginning with Windows 10 version 1903, this screen will provide direct links to KB pages were certain issues and workarounds are being detailed, but also “learn more” links to get information on a specific problem.

Each app blocking the upgrade will be listed alongside an uninstall option, so it’ll be easier for users to prevent compatibility issues from happening.

Microsoft making the upgrade experience more seamless is a key step into ensuring that everything goes well when new OS feature updates are released, especially because major improvements are now shipped twice a year. Windows 10 version 1903 is projected to be finalized in March, while the public rollout to production devices across the world should kick off in April.

Via WinFuture

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