Apple Under Investigation Over FaceTime Bug

The New York State Attorney General has started an investigation on the FaceTime bug, according to an official announcement, as it’s believed that Apple was aware of the issue but ignored reports it received on social media.

New York Attorney General Letitia James explained on Twitter that it’s worrying how Apple handled the FaceTime bug, pointing out that the company failed to alert users that their privacy was at risk.

“We’re launching an investigation into Apple’s failure to warn consumers about the FaceTime privacy breach & their slow response to addressing the issue. New Yorkers shouldn’t have to choose between their private communications & their privacy rights,” she posted.

Furthermore, consumers have been provided with a phone number to call for complaints against Apple.

“We will conduct a thorough investigation into Apple’s response to the situation & will evaluate their actions in relation to the law.@NYSConsumer is also establishing a hotline for complaints related to the FaceTime bug. Consumers can call 1-800-697-1220,” a follow-up tweet adds.

Fix expected this week

Additionally, the New York State Attorney General will also look into how Apple handled bug reports, as there are indications that the company was informed of the FaceTime issue approximately one week before it was disclosed online.

A Twitter user recently provided evidence of a bug report that Apple allegedly ignored. The report pointed to the FaceTime bug that made the headlines this week.

“Reports indicate Apple was informed more than a week before it was shared across social media. This breach is a serious threat to the security & privacy of millions of New Yorkers who trusted Apple. We must use every tool at our disposal to ensure consumers are protected,” Letitia James added.

In the meantime, Apple pulled Group FaceTime completely, promising a fix sometime this week. No other specifics were provided.

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