iPhone to Get 3D Cameras, Dark Theme, USB-C on Next Generations

The next two iPhone generations are likely to come with major hardware upgrades, according to a new report, including 3D cameras on the back and a transition from Lightning to USB-C.

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that the 3D camera system is part of Apple’s modern offensive, being specifically designed to “scan the environment and create three-dimensional reconstructions of the real world.”

As compared to the current 3D sensor that powers the Face ID system and which works at maximum of 50 cm, Apple’s new 3D cameras will support a distance of up 15 feet (4.5 meters) thanks to a laser-based scanner. Cupertino is said to be in talks with Sony over 3D sensors, though it’s not clear how advanced the negotiations between the two are at this point.

The cited source claims that bringing 3D cameras to the iPhone is the final step before Apple launches its own AR headset, possibly due in 2020.

An iPhone with 3D cameras is expected next year, while for 2019, Apple is working on other substantial improvements, especially for the successor to the iPhone XS Max. The new model will likely feature three cameras on the back, while the upgraded iPhone XS would stick with a dual-camera configuration. A new LCD version is also planned before Apple makes the full switch to OLED in 2020.

USB-C and CarPlay refinements

Apple originally planned to install 3D cameras on the iPhone with the 2019 generation, but the plan has eventually been delayed for reasons that aren’t known at the moment.

Face ID will also be upgraded on the next iPhones, but contrary to recent rumors, Apple won’t bring back Touch ID. Previous reports indicated that Apple could follow in the footsteps of Android rivals and embed a fingerprint sensor in the screen, but according to today’s report, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Another change concerns the Lightning connector, which Apple could finally ditch this year in favor of a USB-C.

There are also major improvements planned in the software department. iOS 13, which is scheduled to launch in September, with a beta to go live at WWDC in mid-2019, will include a dark mode, as well as Live Photos whose length would be increased to six seconds. CarPlay will also get further tweaks, though specifics in this regard are missing.

There are no plans for a 5G version of the iPhone for 2019 generation, though Apple is believed to be considering such a model in 2020.

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