Apple Could Drop Support for All iPhones Through iPhone 6s with iOS 13

iOS 13 is already shaping up as one major update for iPhone and iPads, with Apple said to be working on substantial improvements, but a new report brings bad news for older-generation devices.

Israeli site The Verifier claims the upcoming iOS 13 will drop support for several iPhone models, with Apple planning to go forward only with modern iPhones.

Specifically, iOS 13 will no longer be offered to any iPhone older than iPhone 7, so those who are still on an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s, would stay on iOS 12 forever. iPhone SE would also be left behind if this report is true.

This is surprising news, to say the least, especially as dropping so many iPhone generations with one iOS release is something that Apple has never done before. In the worst case, I expect Apple to abandon iPhone 5s, but giving up on the 6s and 6s Plus at this point doesn’t seem to make sense.

Full push for modern iPhones

What’s less surprising is that Apple could limit the availability of certain iOS 13 features only to modern-generation iPhones, according to the cited source. This is something to be expected, especially in the case of features that require new hardware.

One of the highly-anticipated iOS 13 features is support for a dark mode, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see if Apple makes it available on all iPhone models or only those with an OLED screen. Nevertheless, such a strategy could easily backfire, and despite Apple trying to use this as a way to entice customers to upgrade to newer iPhones, some may actually end up migrating to Android.

Apple’s new iOS 13 update is projected to go live in September together with the new iPhone generation, but a thorough look at what it brings new to the table will be offered in the summer at WWDC. Beta builds will also ship to testers starting June or July.

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