How to Sue Apple for the FaceTime Bug

The FaceTime bug that allowed people to spy on users even without them answering the call is causing more legal trouble for Apple, with a Canadian law firm now planning a class action lawsuit against the company.

Lambert Avocat is calling for users to join the lawsuit, and the firm allows any Canadian citizen to sign up for the effort by providing their details, including name, address, and the Apple products they own.

At this point, the suit is still in pending mode and waiting for authorization from a Superior court judge, as the company reveals on its website here. To become part of the class action suit, click this link and check out the form in the lower part of the page.

Fix coming later today

The law firm, which is specifically focused on class action lawsuit, explains in a rather odd description of its effort, that it wants to “obtain a compensation for privacy violations for all persons who own an Apple product, including an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod and/or Macbook operating on an iOS system of 12.1 or more recent, and who used the Facetime application.”

Needless to say, the Apple Watch has nothing to do with the recently-discovered FaceTime bug, though you can actually use the smartwatch to respond to calls. It’s not yet clear if Apple Watch owners can be included in the class action lawsuit, but the firm says it’ll keep any interested users up-to-date with anything on the case if an email address is provided.

In the meantime, Apple is still working on resolving the FaceTime bug, and the company originally promised the patch would ship sometime this week.

Given it’s already Friday, we expect the update to be released later today. In the meantime, Group FaceTime continues to be unavailable as a measure to prevent further exploits of the bug.

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