iPhone Users Now Complaining They Accidentally Turn on the Flashlight

It’s never quiet in the Apple world, especially right now when the company is getting through some very difficult times due to lower than anticipated iPhone sales.

But when it comes to customers, they always find the most unexpected problems in Apple’s products, so it shouldn’t be such a big surprise that some are now complaining of accidentally turning on the flashlight on their iPhones.

A report from USA Today cites a number of iPhone users who claim this feature is too easy to enable from the lock screen because Apple has placed a shortcut right on the main screen. In other words, a feature that was supposed to be super useful is turning into an annoying thing, all because enabling the flashlight is too easy to do by accident.

Apple hasn’t yet acknowledged the problem

The cited report claims that many users ended up walking on the street with the flashlight turned on in their pocket, only to be warned by others that the light shines behind their clothes.

It looks like nearly 500 iPhone users have already reported the problem to Apple, but an official statement from the company isn’t yet available. And I guess there will never be one, as the Cupertino tech giant doesn’t typically acknowledge such issues, but instead fixes them quietly if this ever happens.

By the looks of things, the problem is mostly experienced on new-generation iPhones, starting with the iPhone X and continuing with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. USA Today says the first reports of flashlight accidentally enabled made the rounds last year, just after the debut of the iPhone X, but the number of complaints is significantly higher this year after the introduction of the new models.

For now, if you end up with the flashlight enabled in your pocket, there are several ways to disable it, including touching the icon on the lock screen or by asking Siri to do it.

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