Files UWP Is the Windows 10 File Explorer Microsoft Never Launched

File Explorer is one of the apps that most Windows 10 adopters use on a daily basis, and while Microsoft at some point was believed to be working on a UWP version with a modern look and feel, no updates in this regard have been spotted lately.

In the meantime, developer Luke Blevins has created his very own community-driven alternative to File Explorer, simply called Files UWP and relying on an approach that we’ve previously seen in design concepts.

Files UWP, which is available on GitHub here, includes Fluent Design elements and supports both the light and the dark themes.

Still in its early days

The application is powered by the community, and the developer says other users can contribute with their own ideas to improve it.

“Being in high school, the problem is I just don’t have the time to work on this project like I did one year ago. Thus, I am calling on the community [instead of abandoning the project] to work side-by-side with me to make this vision a reality,” he says in a post on reddit.

“We’ll need programmers who can submit PRs for functionality, designers who can develop ideas to improve the UX, and most-importantly, testers to report bugs by filing issue reports on GitHub.”

The project is still in its early days, but as you can see in the screenshots included in this article, it certainly looks like something that’ll quickly become a hit with the right improvements.

At some point in the future, the app will also go live in the Microsoft Store, which means that all users will be able to download it on Windows 10. However, what you can do right now is to follow the GitHub page and contribute to the project if possible, as this is pretty much the most ambitious project I’ve seen in a long time and which is truly off to a great start.


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