Raft Survival Ultimate v9.2.0 MOD APK

Raft Survival Ultimate v9.2.0 MOD APK

Raft Survival Ultimate v9.2.0 MOD APK Survival on the raft simulator will give you this opportunity and throws you in epic ocean adventure, with the objective to stay alive, gather resources and build a floating home worthy of survival. Remember, thirst and hunger is not the only danger, watch out for the shark and other predators will not determined to end your adventure!

A whole island among the ocean on which you can build your house to forget about annoying sharks. However, do not forget that other dangerous predators may inhabit the island.

The island has many mysteries, the solution of which will give you the opportunity to discover new islands that hide in thick fog.

New territories!
Traveling across the ocean, you can find many different types of resources, open new islands, but do not forget to fulfill the proposed tasks first.

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Raft Survival Ultimate v9.2.0 MOD APK ScreenShot

Raft Survival Ultimate v9.2.0 MOD APK

★ Catch floating items.
★ Explore the island and hunt the animals.
★ Modern graphics for even more realism.
★ Craft survival equipment, weapons, tools and more.
★ Build and expand your home from a wreckage to a buoyant fortress.
★ Defend your buildings from the dangers of the island and ocean.

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