Samsung Likely Working on Galaxy Note 10 Pro Model

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 model could be expanded to a larger lineup of devices that would include four different configurations.

If recent reports are anything to be believed, what Samsung plans to do is launch a standard Note 10 smartphone alongside a larger Pro sibling that would boast upgraded specs.

These two models, in their turn, would receive 5G variants, so overall, Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup would end up boasting four different choices.

According to a recent leak from @UniverseIce, the larger Note 10 could be called Pro, and not Plus as the existing name scheme used by Samsung would suggest. The Note 10 Pro could feature a 6.75-inch display and a triple-camera configuration on the back, whereas the standard Note 10 may only come with a 6.28-inch screen and a dual-camera unit.

Launch expected in August

While we’re still in the early rumor stages, such an approach appears to make sense at some level, especially as Samsung is looking into ways to expand its flagship family of products.

The Galaxy S10 includes three different models, namely the S10e, the S10, and the S10+, as well as a 5G version.

The Note 10 should normally see daylight in late August or early September, and sources familiar with the matter said the plan is to begin mass production in the first week of August. However, Samsung could very well change its mind depending on how work on the project advances, so don’t be too surprised if the Note 10 ends up hitting the shelves a little bit earlier.

Needless to say, the Note 10 Pro 5G will also be the most expensive model of all, albeit at this point it’s still too early to discuss any price targets. The Galaxy S10+ 5G is available in limited markets right now, including South Korea, with a price tag that exceeds $1,200.


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