ExTiX 19.4 “The Ultimate Linux System” is Based on Deepin 15.9.3 and Linux 5.0

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton released a new version of his ExTiX GNU/Linux distribution based on the Deepin Linux operating system made by Deepin Technology.

The biggest news about the ExTiX Deepin 19.4 release is that it’s the first GNU/Linux distribution to be based on the upcoming Deepin Linux 15.9.3 release, which is currently in beta stages of development and has not yet been officially released by Deepin Technology.

Additionally, ExTiX Deepin 19.4 comes with the Linux 5.0.8 kernel for the best possible hardware support, making ExTiX worthy for its “The Ultimate Linux System” nickname. Latest Refracta Snapshot is included as well by default for those who want to make their own ExTiX Deepin 19.4 live systems, along with Spotify and Skype apps.

“I’ve called my different versions of ExTiX “The Ultimate Linux System” for many years by now. In regards to ExTiX 19.4 Deepin, I feel it’s especially justified. Everything just works,” said Arne Exton in an email to Softpedia News.

Smaller ISO, Reborn Deepin Installer

With ExTiX Deepin 19.4, the live ISO image also shrinked to 1.5GB from 1.8GB so you can more easily run ExTiX from RAM without installing anything on your computer. Moreover, this release ships with the Reborn version of the Deepin Installer and the ability to choose your language before entering the live session.

As usual, you can download ExTiX Deepin 19.4 Build 190419 right now from our free software portal if you want to install it on your personal computers. Don’t hesitate to study the full list of installed packages if you’re curious to know what’s inside ExTiX Deepin 19.4, and check out the installations instructions on developer’s website.

ExTiX Deepin 15.9.3 desktop

ExTiX Deepin 15.9.3 desktop

ExTiX Deepin login screen (LightDM)

ExTiX Deepin login screen (LightDM)

ExTiX Deepin 19.4 installed apps

ExTiX Deepin 19.4 installed apps

VirtualBox using Refracta Installer” alt=”ExTiX Deepin being installed in VirtualBox using Refracta Installer” />

ExTiX Deepin being installed in VirtualBox using Refracta Installer


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