Microsoft Edge Updated with Handy “Icon Only” Mode for Favorites

Microsoft keeps working on additional improvements for its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, and the Canary build is a neat way to try some of these in advance.

Because it’s updated every day, the Canary build always gets something new, and today that something new is an icon only mode for favorites.

As reported on reddit, Microsoft has introduced a feature that it announced at the Build developer conference earlier this year, basically making managing favorites a little bit easier.

The change isn’t necessarily something that’ll blow your mind, but it’s a feature that you will certainly find useful, especially if you used Microsoft Edge before in Windows 10.

Technically, after the update to Canary build, you should be able to right-click on any page in your favorites bar and enable the “icon only” mode.

Instead of seeing the entire name of the website, you can thus view just the icon, which is something that not only helps save space on the bar, but also creates a little bit of consistency overall.

Coming to the Dev build in next update

Keep in mind that this is only available in the Canary build, but the Dev version should get it in the next update too.

Microsoft Edge Dev receives updates once a week, so it shouldn’t take too much time before the icon only mode is promoted to this channel.

As for the other versions of Microsoft Edge, only these two can be downloaded right now on Windows 10 and macOS. Microsoft is projected to release a beta build later this year, but no specifics are available for the time being.

The company also promised preview builds of Edge for older Windows, namely Windows 7 and 8.1, but once again, an ETA hasn’t been provided, as the focus right now is on Windows 10 and macOS.


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