iPhone Explodes in the Hands of an 11-Year-Old Girl

An iPhone 6 reportedly caught fire while being held in hand by an 11-year-old from California, but fortunately, nobody was injured.

Kayla Ramos says she noticed sparks coming out of the phone, so she threw it across the room. The burning device didn’t create any major damages, and Kayla’s mother, Maria Adata, says it only made several holes in a blanket.

“I was sitting down, and I had my phone in my hand and then I saw sparks flying everywhere and I just threw it on a blanket,” the girl said according to 23ABC. “I was right here on the bed and the phone managed to burn through this blanket and make these holes.”

Apple already investigating the incident

The girl’s mother says she has already reached out to Apple, and the company launched an investigation. Apple requested the phone for further analysis and provided the girl with a new phone.

“This could have been my child,” Adata told the cited source. “My child could have been caught on fire and she could have been hurt more and I am glad she’s OK.”

While the exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined, most smartphones end up bursting into flames due to overheating batteries, which in their turn are caused by damages or non-genuine chargers or charging cables.

The mother, however, says this isn’t the case with the iPhone 6, so presumably, only genuine Apple accessories have been used with the unit that exploded.

It remains to be seen if we ever find out more about this device, but in pure Apple fashion, the company hasn’t said a single word about the incident publicly. Most likely, the Cupertino-based tech giant will remain tight-lipped completely on this burning iPhone 6, just like it did in the case of all the other iPhones that caught fire in the last few years.

This is what the exploded iPhone looks like


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