Microsoft Says Fix for Black Screen Bug in Windows 10 Version 1903 Is on Its Way

One of the existing bugs in Windows 10 May 2019 Update, or version 1903, caused Remote Desktop connections to end up with a black screen, pretty much making it impossible for users to work on their devices remotely.

Earlier this week, a company engineer acknowledged the problem on the Microsoft Community forums, explaining that a fix is already in the works.

Microsoft has now officially confirmed that it’s working on a resolution, and in a post on the Windows update dashboard, the software giant says both Windows 10 version 1903 and Windows Server version 1903 are affected by the same issue.

“When initiating a Remote Desktop connection to devices with some older GPU drivers, you may receive a black screen. Any version of Windows may encounter this issue when initiating a Remote Desktop connection to a Windows 10, version 1903 device which is running an affected display driver, including the drivers for the Intel 4 series chipset integrated GPU (iGPU),” Microsoft says.

Check for new display drivers

While an ETA isn’t available, Microsoft engineer Denis Gundarev said in the Microsoft Community post that installing the display driver could help deal with the bug.

“Display drivers report some of their capabilities upon load. In previous Windows versions this reported data wasn’t used or verified. Because of that, some of the old versions of the legacy display driver may report invalid data and it would be ignored. Starting with Windows 10 1903 RDP uses this data to initialize the session,” he explained.

New cumulative updates for all versions of Windows 10 are expected later this month with non-security fixes, but it remains to be seen if a resolution for this bug is included or not. Your best option right now is to check your manufacturer’s website for newer drivers for the graphics card.


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