Huawei Preparing Massive Layoffs in the United States

Chinese tech giant Huawei is getting ready for a massive round of layouts in the United States, mostly because of the impact the US ban against the company had on its local operations.

A report from the WSJ reveals that Huawei will let go several hundreds of employees at Futurewei Technologies, the company’s very own research and development subsidiary based in the United States.

While the exact number of employees affected by this decision is unknown at this point, Futurewei has some 850 workers, which means that a significant part of its workforce could be left without a job.

The report notes that Huawei has already notified some of the employees about this decision, offering the option to a number of Chinese workers to relocate and continue working for the company at a domestic facility.

An official announcement in this regard isn’t available, but it’s not difficult to figure out why Huawei turns to layoffs in the United States.

Huawei sticking with Android

According to the ban announced mid-May, Huawei is no longer allowed to work with companies based in the United States and use their products, and this involves its own R&D subsidiary. While the US government now allows companies to request temporary licenses to do business with Huawei, such an approach obviously slows down a collaboration that was supposed to go much smoother between the Chinese tech giant and its American unit.

While the US authorities appear to be reversing the ban, at least partially, Huawei doesn’t seem to be worried that much about the prospect of a full ban preventing it from using Android on new smartphones.

Huawei recently said that it hasn’t yet developed an Android replacement and the operating system that everybody believed would replace Google’s is, in fact, an IoT platform. The company claims Android remains the top option going forward, so it’s confident that the US blacklist would be removed rather sooner than later.


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