Leaked Renders Reveal Microsoft Outlook’s Dark Theme for iPhone and Android

Microsoft is currently giving the finishing touches to the dark mode for the mobile versions of the Outlook email client.

Renders showing this dark theme leaked to the web earlier today, confirming that the release is indeed close.

Microsoft announced a dark mode for Outlook on Android and iOS last week, alongside with a visual overhaul for Apple’s mobile operating system. While the facelift indeed rolled out, the dark mode is still nowhere to be seen.

But according to a report from WindowsCentral, the dark mode for both Android and iOS is just around the corner, and it will cover the mail, calendar, and search UI.

iOS 13 getting a dark mode too

Despite being showcased on Android in these renders, the dark theme will go live for iPhones as well. Outlook will come with a new option in a section called Themes where users can manually enable the dark visual style, but at the same time, they can also configure the app to automatically activate it when the device switches to battery saving.

Microsoft is already offering a dark theme in pretty much every version of Outlook, except for Android and iOS, so by rolling out this update, the company completes the visual overhaul on all platforms.

On the other hand, as the cited source notes, the reason for the dark mode landing so late in Outlook for iOS could actually be tied with the release of the dark theme in Apple’s mobile operating system. iOS 13, which will launch in the fall for supported iPhones and iPads, will include a dark mode, and presumably, Microsoft wants to offer a consistent approach on the platform.

The company has remained tight-lipped on everything related to the release of the dark theme for Outlook mobile, but I expect this update to go live sometime in the coming weeks.


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