Microsoft Announces New Microsoft Edge Features for Enterprises

Microsoft has confirmed that its new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is ready for enterprise testing, explaining that a rich set of tools specifically aimed at these customers has already been integrated into the browser.

The most notable is Internet Explorer, which makes it possible to run apps and services in the legacy browser right within Microsoft Edge.

“We know that most of our customers are using IE11 in their environments. One thing that our customers made clear to us is that their web apps that rely on IE11 tend to be critical to many of their business processes. The apps work well and don’t change, which allows customers to focus their IT resources on other problem areas. Any solution we provide would need to just work with their sites,” Microsoft says.

New features coming to Edge browser

But at the same time, the software giant also revealed a new set of enterprise features being developed for Microsoft Edge, and it all starts with support for Microsoft Information Protection on Windows 10.

The browser will eventually be available in a total of 110 languages (the existing builds are offered in languages), and it will boast integrated deployment and configuration with SCCM and Intune. And last but not least, Microsoft Edge will come with PDF support for Digital Signatures and Microsoft Information Protection.

Microsoft also released offline installers for the enterprise in order to allow smoother deployment of the browser within organizations for thorough testing.

“The Dev Channel now has enterprise features enabled by default and is ready for evaluation and supported by detailed deployment and configuration documentation. We are also offering full support for deployment in pilot and production environments through our commercial support channels,” Microsoft says.

Preview builds of the new Microsoft Edge browser are already available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and macOS.


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