How To Open Office Word Document (.DOCX) With Google Docs

Google Docs lets you view, create, and edit documents online for free. It’s probably the most used online office suite. The beauty of Google Docs is that it is compatible with the Microsoft Office Word document file format (.docx) as well.

Since Google Docs is an online service, you won’t be able to use it offline. Although there is a Google Docs extension available for Chrome to make it work offline as well, it is not perfect.

Users who want advanced formatting options create the document offline with Office Word. Because of these reasons, many users use Microsoft’s Office software to create and edit documents and later upload them to Google Drive so that they can open and access documents anytime from anywhere.

If you have a Microsoft Office Word document (.docx) that you want to open and edit with Google Docs, you can do so with ease. Here is how to open an Office Word document with Google Docs.

Open Office Word (.docx) document with Google Docs

Step 1: Head over the Google Drive  (yes, Google Drive) website and sign in with your Google account. We need to sign in to the Google Drive first as we need to upload the Office Word document to Google Drive first to be able to access it from the Google Docs.

Yes, you need to sign to view, create, edit, or upload documents to Google Docs. If you don’t have a Google account yet, create one.

Step 2: Now, click on the New button (as shown in the picture) and then click the File upload option. Select the Word file that you want to open and edit with the Google Docs, and click the Open button. This will upload the selected document to your Google Drive account. Of course, you can upload multiple documents.

open Microsoft Office Word document with Google Docs pic1

Step 3: In a few seconds, the file will show up in the Files section of Google Drive. Right-click on the document, click Open with and then click the Google Docs option to open the document with Google Docs and start editing.

open Microsoft Office Word document with Google Docs pic3

Alternatively, after uploading the document to your Google Drive account, you can open the Google Docs website, and then sign in to view and edit the recently uploaded document.

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