Hands-On Transfer Learning with Python : Download Free Book

Hands-On Transfer Learning with Python

With Hands-On Transfer Learning with Python, implement transfer learning to solve real-world research problems. Perform complex operations such as image captioning neural style transfer. (Limited-time offer)

Topics included: Machine Learning Fundamentals • Deep Learning Essentials • Understanding Deep Learning Architectures • Transfer Learning Fundamentals • Unleashing the Power of Transfer Learning • Image Recognition and Classification • Text Document Categorization • Audio Event Identification and Classification • DeepDream • Style Transfer • Automated Image Caption Generator • Image Colorization

Book Details

Author(s): Dipanjan Sarkar, Raghav Bali, Et al
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Published: August 2018
Format(s): Online
File size: –
Number of pages: 438
Download / View Link(s): Claim this offer
Free as of 07/20/2019.

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