Learning Java by Building Android Games

Learning Java by Building Android Games - Second Edition

With Learning Java by Building Android Games – Second Edition, build games including Sub Hunter, Retro Pong, Bullet Hell, Classic Snake, and a 2D Scrolling Shooter. Create and design your own games, such as an open-world platform game. (Limited-time offer)

Topics included: Java, Android and Game Development • Java: First Contact • Variables, Operators and Expressions • Structuring Code with Java Methods • The Android Canvas Class – Drawing to the Screen • Repeating Blocks of Code with Loops • Making Decisions with Java If, Else and Switch • Object-Oriented Programming • The Game Engine, Threads, and The Game Loop • Coding the Bat and Ball • Collisions, Sound Effects and Supporting Different Versions of Android • Handling Lots of Data with Arrays • Bitmap Graphics and Measuring Time • The Stack, the Heap, and the Garbage Collector • Android Localization -Hola! • Collections, Generics and Enumerations • Manipulating Bitmaps and Coding the Snake class • Introduction to Design Patterns and much more! • Listening with the Observer Pattern, Multitouch and Building a Particle System • More Patterns, a Scrolling Background and Building the Player’s ship • Completing the Scrolling Shooter Game • Exploring More Patterns and Planning the Platformer Project • The Singleton Pattern, Java HashMap, Storing • Bitmaps Efficiently and Designing Levels • Sprite-sheet animations, Controllable Player and Parallax Scrolling Backgrounds • Intelligent Platforms and Advanced Collision Detection

Book Details

Author(s): John Horton
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Published: August 2018
Format(s): Online
File size: –
Number of pages: 774
Download / View Link(s): Claim this offer
Free as of 07/22/2019.

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