Microsoft Gives iPhone Users $650 Trade-in Value to Move to Android

Microsoft has launched a trade-in program for the Samsung Galaxy Note10, the Android device that the company is already selling in its stores.

Microsoft has become a big supporter of Samsung phones, not necessarily because they’re among the best in the Android ecosystem, but thanks to the fact that they come with some of its apps pre-installed.

As a result, the search giant is now a top location for looking for flagship Samsung phones, and the latest-generation Galaxy S and Note models have all been available in Microsoft stores.

After making its debut last month, the Note10 hit the shelves at Microsoft as well, and the software giant released a trade-in program to make the device more affordable and convince more people to make the switch.

Newer flagship, more money

Microsoft’s offering up to $650 if you trade in a flagship and purchase a Galaxy Note10 or Note10+, and needless to say, high-end models qualify for the largest amount of trade-in credit.

For example, the devices that are worth $650 when trading in for a Galaxy Note10 is the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note9, the Google Pixel 3, and the iPhone X. In other words, if you give up on an iPhone X to move to Android, you’re eligible for a $650 discount when purchasing the best Android device right now.

iPhone 8 is only worth $450 as part of the program, while older models, like the iPhone 7 Plus, qualify for $130 in store credit. iPhone 6 Plus is worth just $50 as part of this program.

The trade-in program tuns through September 22 and is only available in the United States and Canada. The device that you trade in must power on and in working condition without a cracked display or any fatal damage, according to the rules of the promo.

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