New Microsoft Edge Dev Browser Build Now Available for Download

Microsoft has released a new Microsoft Edge Dev browser build, and this time the changelog includes fewer improvements as compared to the previous versions.

With this update, the Dev build is increased to on the supported desktop platforms. There are three new features in this update, as it follows.

First and foremost, Microsoft Edge now comes with an improved feedback submission form that includes support for additional files, like screenshots. Furthermore, users can also reproduce the problem for what Microsoft describes as “more robust logging.”

Then, Microsoft Edge now allows for items in the Collections to be reordered with the keyboard, which is a neat touch given that many users on the desktop rely on the keyboard for navigation.

And last but not least, this version of Microsoft Edge introduces a new management policy to allow history syncing when work or school accounts are configured in the browser.

Important fixes

The new Microsoft Edge Dev build also includes a handful of fixes that so many users will find pretty useful. For example, the software giant has finally resolved a bug causing favorites to fail to sync, as well as a crash occurring when users tried to export a Collection to Microsoft Word.

A glitch that previously caused webpages installed as apps to fail to launch has been addressed as well, and Microsoft says that a separate problem impacting the options available in the tab context menu and causing some of them to go missing.

Today’s browser update is available on both Windows and macOS, but keep in mind this is still a Dev build, so small glitches here and there are something that must be expected. No ETA is available as to when Edge could hit the stable channel, but a potential ETA could be the first months of 2020.

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