Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4515384 Fixes High CPU Usage Bug

The latest cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1903 fixes an issue that causes high CPU usage for a service belonging to digital assistant Cortana.

Windows 10 cumulative update KB4512941, which was published on August 30 for version 1903, or May 2019 Update, devices introduced a bug that caused the SearchUI.exe process to experience random spikes in CPU usage on certain computers.

Microsoft acknowledged the problem shortly after users started reporting it online, explaining that it was only encountered on machines where the web search feature was previously disabled.

“Microsoft is getting reports that a small number of users may not receive results when using Windows Desktop Search and may see high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe when searching after installing KB4512941. This issue is only encountered on devices in which searching the web from Windows Desktop Search has been disabled,” the software giant explained.

Fix now available on Windows Update

The most recent cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1903, however, resolves this problem, with Microsoft adding that only “a small number of users” were actually impacted. The update in question is KB4515384 and is available now from Windows Update as part of the monthly Patch Tuesday cycle.

Microsoft explains the following the official release notes:

“Addresses an issue that causes high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe for a small number of users. This issue only occurs on devices that have disabled searching the web using Windows Desktop Search.”

This new cumulative update comes without any known issues, so users should basically expect flawless performance after installing it. Of course, history has shown that it’s sometimes better to wait, albeit in the case of KB4515384, it’s worth keeping in mind that security patches for known vulnerabilities are also included and you are recommended to install it as soon as possible.

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