Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4515384 Issues

KB4515384 is the cumulative update that Microsoft released on September 10 for devices running Windows 10 version 1903, or May 2019 Update.

The update was included in the September 2019 Patch Tuesday rollout and brought both security and non-security fixes. You can find the full KB4515384 changelog here.

Microsoft says this cumulative update comes without any known issues, which is something that you don’t see too often on Windows 10.

I mean, the previous cumulative updates have caused so many problems on the Windows 10 devices where they got installed that many users are now super-reluctant to update on day 1, mostly because they’re afraid of bugs that could break down their devices.

Hearing Microsoft saying there are no known issues in this cumulative update is something that seems too good to be true, so I decided to search the web for problems that users might be experiencing after installing KB4515384. And here’s what I found.

Isolated KB4515384 issues

First and foremost, I’ve found more than a handful of users claiming KB4515384 broke down Windows Search. This is a problem that was first encountered after installing cumulative update KB4512941, but this new release was supposed to resolve it. As it turns out, it didn’t.

Then, some say Windows 10 cumulative update KB4515384 fails to install. This appears to be an isolated case, but the error that users experiencing this come across is 0xe0000100.

One user claims they experienced a BSOD on Windows 10 version 1903, but it’s not clear if this was caused after installing cumulative update KB4515384 or not.

Some apps no longer run, others claim, and it’s believed this cumulative update is to blame for this. In some cases, these apps return to a normal working conditions after one or more reboots.

On Microsoft’s Community forums, one user is complaining that audio drivers were removed after “the latest Windows Update.” Still not clear if this refers to the installation of KB4515384.

Several users said the Start menu is broken, and an attempt to launch it fails with a blank window on the screen. Removing the update apparently restores the Start menu.

Keep in mind that the issues here aren’t widespread for now, so if you experience any of them, make sure you let us know in the box after the jump.

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