Paradox Launches Surviving the Aftermath, a Post-Apocalyptic Colony Builder

As promised early this month, Paradox revealed more details about its upcoming post-apocalyptic colony builder – Surviving the Aftermath. In fact, you can already play the game which has just entered Early Access in the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview.

Those who want to start playing during the Early Access period can purchase Surviving the Aftermath at an early-bird discount of $19.99 / £15.49 / €19.99. Surviving the Aftermath will leave Early Access and launch on Epic Games Store, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in late 2020, so developers still have one more year of development ahead.

According to Paradox, Surviving the Aftermath is more than a post-apocalyptic colony builder, as players can explore the dangerous world beyond the shelter, filled with unique biomes, hazards, bandits and more.

But first and foremost, you’ll have to build and manage a colony of survivors, construct buildings, and adapt to natural disasters as they happen. The game lets players recruit and sent out teams of Specialists to gather much-needed resources, as well as intelligence about the world around the colony.

With Surviving the Aftermath we want to get our players involved as early as possible so we can make sure we’re making the game they want to play. We have an ambitious content schedule ahead of us that includes monthly updates where we will incorporate feedback from our players and we’re confident the team at Iceflake is the right team for the job,” said Nikhat Ali, Lead Producer on Surviving the Aftermath at Paradox Interactive.

At launch, Surviving the Aftermath allows players to construct more than 50 unique buildings, recruit over 46 unique Specialists, as well as use Paradox Mods that change the way the game is played.

The game will receive additional gameplay mechanics, such as diplomacy and new combat options between colonies, expanded tech trees, endgame content and much more in future updates.

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