Stellaris Gets New Federations Expansion and Lithoids Species Pack

It’s been quite a few days for Paradox Interactive, as the publisher revealed several new titles over the weekend, including a brand new installment in the Crusader Kings saga and a Battletech expansion.

Stellaris fans haven’t been skipped though, as a new expansion will launch next week. Federations is a new diplomacy-themed expansion that focuses on the galactic community and its internal politics. It features expanded capabilities for federations and the option to set up a galactic senate.

Along with the new Federations expansion, Paradox announced that a new species packs will make its way to Stellaris next week – Lithoids, a race of sapient rocks. The new content is already available for pre-order for $7.99 / £5.79 / €7.99 and will launch on October 24.

Stellaris: Federations is aimed at players who love to dominate the galaxy through the sheer power of diplomacy. The expansion lets players extend their diplomatic dominion like never before by using a wide range of tricks to gain them an edge on friend and foe alike. New options will be added in the game with the new expansion, such as the ability to influence, manipulate, and dominate without doing battle.

The introduction of the galactic senate enables players to pass various resolutions that will help them further expand their empires. They just need to sway the votes in their favor by trading favors and maneuvering, doing whatever it takes to gain influence with the members of the senate.

Federations adds new constructions that will allow players to take on larger projects like the Juggernaut or the Mega Shipyard. A new Origins system is meant to better flesh out a player’s empire background and alter starting conditions.

On the other hand, the Lithoids Species Pack features completely new gameplay and a selection of new rock-based species portraits and ship models. The Lithoid playstyle focuses on mineral production and relentless colonization. The pack includes the following: unique mechanics for Lithoid Empires, 15 new portraits of Lithoids and 1 of a Lithoid robot, new mineral-based ship models, and a new voice pack.

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