Add Second Taskbar To Windows 10

The taskbar in Windows operating system is customizable in many ways. You can pin websites, programs and folders, move the taskbar to any left, right, top or bottom (default location) of the screen, change the taskbar color, make the taskbar transparent, and more.

If you like to pin tens of programs to the taskbar, you might like the idea of a second taskbar. The second taskbar allows you to pin apps, just like the primary taskbar. Since Windows 10 doesn’t have a provision for two taskbars on the same screen, we need to go for a third-party tool.

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Add an additional taskbar to Windows 10

Switch is a free program designed to add a second taskbar to Windows 10.

The Switch program lets you pin up to 9 programs to its taskbar. And the best part is that you can configure the Switch taskbar to auto-hide, just like the Windows taskbar. If you have turned on the auto-hide, you need to press the left or right Alt key to reveal the Switch taskbar.

All pinned programs to the Switch taskbar can be accessed using the Alt + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 keyboard shortcuts.

After installing the Switch, hover the mouse cursor over the Switch taskbar, click on the plus icon on the Switch taskbar to begin adding programs to the Switch taskbar.

When the Switch taskbar is running, its icon will appear in the system tray area. Right-click on its icon and then click the Settings option to view and change default settings.

add second taskbar to Windows 10

Finally, Switch is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 systems. Get the latest version of Switch from the following link.

NOTE: While downloading and running the Switch, you might get a “This program might harm your computer” warning as it’s a new and not a commonly downloaded program. You can ignore the warning as the program is safe.

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Download Switch

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