Play Diablo for free on your browser!


No, this isn’t an out-of-season April Fools’ joke. You can really play the original Diablo in all of its unworldly glory through your browser.

Rivsoft has released a shareware version of Diablo that is playable through your browser. If you own the original Diablo, you can play the full version through the browser as well. Simply drag and drop the Diablo file onto your browser, and start playing!

The shareware version doesn’t have access to everything the original game had to offer. The only class you can play as is the warrior. Also, you have limited dungeon access, and you can’t communicate with all the characters.

Diablo came out in 1996 and spawned two true sequels. During Blizzcon 2018, fans of the series were ecstatic when the Diablo creators announced they were making another Diablo game. However, those tears of joy turned into tears of sadness when they learned that it was going to be a mobile exclusive.

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