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Computer users who have used Windows 95 or Windows XP for a significant amount of time probably remember the Microsoft PowerToys. Microsoft PowerToys is a set of free programs designed to add new features to the Windows operating system.

Post Windows XP, Microsoft did not release PowerToys for Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1 versions of Windows. Until a few weeks ago, PowerToys was not available for Windows 10, as well.

Luckily, Microsoft has started developing PowerToys for Windows 10 and is now available for download.

The current version of PowerToys comes with three utilities: Windows key shortcut guide, FancyZones, and PowerRename. Maximize to a new desktop widget, Process terminal tool, and Animated GIF screen recorder will be added to Microsoft PowerToys soon.

When the PowerToys is running, its icon appears in the system tray. Clicking on its icon in the system tray launches PowerToys settings where you can enable or disable individual utilities offered by PowerToys and change the settings for each utility.

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Windows key shortcut guide

The first utility Windows key shortcut guide is helpful for anyone who would like to use Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts offered by Windows 10 without remembering them. The utility provides a dynamic set of Windows logo keyboard shortcuts for the desktop and currently active window. You just have to press and hold the Windows logo key for close to a second (you can change this default time under settings) to see Windows logo key keyboard shortcut options on the screen. Very useful for beginners to easily memorize all Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts.

download powertoys for Windows 10


FancyZones is basically a window manager which you can use to arrange and snap program windows by with the help of layouts.


As the name suggests, PowerRename is helpful for advanced bulk renaming for files and folders. The utility offers you rename files, either using search and replace or regular expressions. Simply right-click on the file(s) and click the PowerRename option to explore all the options available.

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Visit the following GitHub page to download the official version of Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10.

Download PowerToys for Windows 10

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