Opera 65 Launches with Much-Improved Tracker Blocker, Redesigned Address Bar

Opera Software announced today the general availability of the Opera 65 web browser for desktop platforms, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows, a release that brings a bunch of enhancements and new features.

Based on Chromium 78, the Opera 65 web browser is here and it’s better than ever, brining a much-improved tracker blocker that finally lets you see which trackers are tracking your digital footprint while you’re surfing the Internet.

Based on the EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection list, Opera’s tracker blocker feature will now show you all the trackers following you and let you take action against them if you believe some aren’t good for you.

By default, the tracker blocker will automatically block known tracker scripts to speed up the loading of pages and keep your online activity private. In Opera 65, the built-in tracker blocker can be toggled on and off per site too.

“Once switched on, the tracker blocker can speed up page loading by roughly 20 percent. It also increases your level of privacy. Coupled with our built-in ad blocker, the speed gain can reach up to 76 percent,” said Opera Software’s Agnieszka Malak.

Redesigned address bar, bookmarks in the sidebar panel

Apart from the improved tracker blocker feature, Opera 65 brings a faster browsing experience thanks to its redesigned address bar, which now offers users a cleaner overview over browsing-history suggestions, bookmarks, and Speed Dial elements.

The revamped address bar will now display website logos so you can easily identify what you’re looking for when searching from the address bar, automatically dim the current web page to give you visual clarity when typing, and give you faster access to previously visited websites just by typing in a keyword.

Other than that, Opera 65 adds a brand-new look and layout for bookmarks to make them more accessible and useful when surfing the Internet by placing them in the sidebar panel. You can download Opera 65 for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows right now through our free software portal.

Improved tracker blocker

Improved tracker blocker

A redesigned address bar

A redesigned address bar


Bookmarks in the sidebar panel

Bookmarks in the sidebar panel

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