The Game That Windows 10 Users Hate Really Is a Money-Making Machine

For Windows 10 users, Candy Crush is a game that comes pre-loaded in the operating system and which they’d be better off without, but more often than not, getting rid of it is much harder than you think.

Mostly because Candy Crush is automatically reinstalled after system updates, and despite Microsoft promising to improve this behavior, the whole thing still happens and the game comes back every now on then on devices where it was removed.

But for King, the company that created the game, Candy Crush is truly a money-making machine.

Data shared by SensorTower reveals that Candy Crush Soda Saga has so far generated $2 billion in revenue from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store despite the fact that it launched at some point during 2014.

iPhone users, Candy Crush fanboys

Unsurprisingly, Americans are the ones spending the most on Candy Crush in-app purchases, as they account for 55 percent, or $1.1 billion, of the total revenue. The United Kingdom is far behind on the second spot with 7 percent, or $135 million.

No surprise when it comes to who’s spending more in Candy Crush. The data shows that iPhone players spend on average $9.37, while on Android, this figure drops to $3.24.

“King grossed $450 million across all of its games in Q3 2019, with $85 million, or 19 percent of that revenue coming from Candy Crush Soda Saga. Revenue from all four Candy Crush titles made up $381 million, or 85 percent of the overall Q3 figure. Candy Crush Saga alone brought in $258 million in Q3,” the data reveals.

As far as the number of downloads is concerned (without including any spending data), the United States tops the charts with 68 million downloads, followed by India with 50 million.

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