First-Person Survival Horror The Outlast Trials Announced

Developer Red Barrels has just announced it has already started working on a third Outlast game, which doesn’t have a release date yet. The game is called The Outlast Trials and, unlike the previous titles, it will feature co-op gameplay.

Since the game is in the early stages of development, not much has been revealed about the gameplay or story. However, the folks at Red Barrels have done a proof of concept and are starting to focus on content creation and the horror experience.

β€œWe are proud to reveal the title and the first image of the game to our great community and fans. Our team is hard at work creating a new experience that will bring fear and anxiety to millions of players, whether they go through the experiments alone or with friends,” said David Chateauneuf, Red Barrels co-founder.

We do know a few important things about The Outlast Trials, such as the fact that it’s not a direct sequel to the other games in the Outlast series. Of course, the upcoming title is set in the same Outlast universe, more precisely, right in the middle of the Cold War era.

Red Barrels also confirmed that The Outlast Trials will allow players to face the horrors of the trials by themselves or cooperate with up to 3 other β€œtest subjects.” It remains to be seen how the multiplayer aspect will be implemented in a series that’s been known for its solo playthroughs.

If you haven’t played through the Outlast saga, you still have time to finish both games before the third one gets released, just to get into the atmosphere since this isn’t a sequel to the franchise.

To sum it up, the first game starts with an intriguing anonymous tip that leads you to explore Mount Massive Asylum, home to the secret experiments of the Murkoff Corporation. The second game places players deep in the wilderness where they discover the residents of Temple Gate and corruption so deep that might be the only thing that will save them.

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