Purism Announces “Made in USA” Librem 5 Linux Phone, Now Available for Pre-Order

Purism announced today that it has started manufacturing a special version of their Librem 5 Linux-powered smartphone that’s being built in the US to address supply chain security concerns.

It’s a known fact that Purism has done everything they could to make the Librem 5 the most secure and private smartphone on the market, but the fact of the matter that it’s not built in the United States of America might not please some customers.

As such, the company, which is known for their security- and privacy-focused Linux-based laptops and phones, is now offering a special Librem 5 version manufactured in the US, with components made in the USA, in the same US facility where the Librem 5 devkits and Librem Key were built.

“Having a secure auditable US based supply chain including parts procurement, fabrication, testing, assembly, and fulfillment all from within the same facility is the best possible security story,” said Todd Weaver, Founder and CEO of Purism.

Available for pre-order today, ships in Q3 2020

Purism noted the fact that the Librem 5 USA edition of the Linux-based smartphone is a premium version that should only be bought by customers who are concerted about the hardware supply chain, or those who want to support the company’s attempts to expand their US operations.

Therefore, the Librem 5 USA edition will cost no less than $1,999 USD, and it can be pre-order starting today from Purism’s online store alongside the regular version of Librem 5, which sells for $699 USD. All pre-orders will be shipped starting Q3 2020, and existing Librem 5 orders can be shifted to the Librem 5 USA edition without losing your place in line.

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