Risk of Fire as More Microsoft Surface Books Experience Swollen Batteries

The original Microsoft Surface Book appears to be suffering from a battery issue, as a growing number of customers take to social media and support forums to report swollen batteries causing increased risk of fire or even explosion.

Microsoft Surface Book was launched on October 26, 2015, so some of the units experiencing this problem are more than four years old, obviously no longer being covered by warranty.

But a post on AskWoody and linking to a series of user complaints regarding this issue (such as the ones here, here, and here) reveals that Microsoft might eventually replace the faulty units with new ones if they do exist in stock. Of course, even this is quite a challenge, as Microsoft has already launched a second-generation Surface Book that replaced the original version.

However, Microsoft support staff tells customers that without warranty, replacing the bad battery costs $599, even if the issue appears to be a defect that has nothing to do with the way the Surface Book was used in the first place.

Microsoft might actually replace faulty units

A customer sharing their story on the page linked above reveals that going in person to a Microsoft Store and insisting for replacing a faulty Surface Book is what appears to be working in the case of swollen batteries.

“After telling me that I needed an appointment, she relented and made a ticket for me and listened to my argument regarding why I NEEDED a replacement from this defective computer that was broken and dangerous…through NO fault of my own. After about 20 mins of me explaining that I was NOT leaving without a new computer and that I would stand outside the store (in the mall) and tell anyone who listened why MS computers were defective…she went back to “check” with her manager,” the Surface Book owner explains.

“She returned a bit later to tell me that she did have one in stock to replace mine.”

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the swollen battery issue on the original Surface Book, so for now customers noticing this problem are strongly recommended to get in touch with the company.

I have also reached out to Microsoft for more information and will circle back when an answer is available.

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