Canonical Needs Your Help to Improve Ubuntu, Take the Ubuntu 20.04 Survey Now

Canonical, the company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, have published today a survey to encourage the community to contribute suggestions and ideas to make future Ubuntu releases even better than before.

Dubbed Focal Fossa, Ubuntu 20.04 will be the next LTS (Long Term  Support) series of Ubuntu Linux, due for release in April 2020. Development kicked off officially back in October, and daily build ISOs are already available for public testing, but Canonical now asks the entire community for feedback to make Ubuntu 20.04 LTS the release of their dreams and also shape future Ubuntu releases.

“Today, we would like to ask our broader community for similar feedback. With our next LTS release on the horizon, there is still time to influence the final picture and Ubuntu’s future roadmap. And not just for 20.04, but beyond. The results here will be used to inform decisions for several releases to come. But like all new things, its success ultimately depends on the user. You,” said Rhys Davies, Product Manager at Canonical.

Take the official Ubuntu 20.04 LTS survey now

Every Ubuntu LTS release is a major milestone for Canonical as they need to support it for up to 10 years, so they want to make sure Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is as perfect as possible. For that, they are sending out a call to action for the entire Ubuntu community, as well as any computer user out there interested in running a Linux-based operating system, by asking them to take a 5 to 10-minute survey.

Canonical says that with this survey they want to hear your Ubuntu story, whether they are positive feedback or frustrations with past experiences. If you’re an existing user, they want to know why and how you use Ubuntu, what you like or dislike from current releases and what you’ve always wanted to see in Ubuntu but was missing. Therefore, you have until January 10th, 2020, to help Canonical make Ubuntu the best Linux distro out there.

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