Nvidia Linux/BSD Graphics Driver Adds Support for Quadro T2000 with Max-Q Design

Nvidia released a new version of its long-lived proprietary graphics drivers for Linux, BSD, and Solaris-based operating systems that fixes various bugs from previous releases and adds support for a new GPU.

Coming just three weeks after the Nvidia 440.36 driver, which introduced support for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER graphics card, the Nvidia 440.44 graphics driver is here to add support for the Nvidia Quadro T2000 with Max-Q Design graphics card on Linux, BSD, and Solaris systems, as well as support for the __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE environment variable for Vulkan apps on GNU/Linux systems.

The Nvidia 440.44 proprietary graphics driver also improves installation support on Oracle Linux 7.7 systems where the Nvidia kernel module could fail to build with the “unknown type name ‘vm_fault_t'” error, and addresses a bug discovered in an error handling path, which could cause a Linux kernel crash while loading the nvidia.ko module.

Improved support for apps running directly on a display

On all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, BSD, and Solaris, Nvidia 440.44 proprietary graphics driver improves support for applications running directly on a display, such as VR HMDs, which might cause them to tear when a G-SYNC or G-SYNC Compatible monitor is plugged in the system.

We recommend all users to update their systems from Nvidia 440.36 to the Nvidia 440.44 graphics driver as soon as possible since this is a long-lived branch, which means it is stable and reliable. You can download Nvidia 440.44 for 64-bit GNU/Linux, BSD, and Solaris operating systems right now through our free software portal.

To install the Nvidia 440.44 graphics driver, you must run the “sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-440.44.run” command as root in a virtual console and follow the on-screen instructions. After installation, you will have to update the X configuration file or run the nvidia-xconfig utility and make the required changes for your hardware.

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