Quirky Adventure Game Stories Untold Coming to Nintendo Switch on January 16

Great news for Switch owners, as independent developer No Code and label Devolver Digital recently announced that the experimental thriller Stories Untold will launch on Nintendo Switch this week on January 16.

The episodic horror adventure-puzzle game was originally released on PC and macOS back in 2017. For the Nintendo Switch version of the game, developer No Code reworked the user experience and controls to take advantage of the Joy-Con.

Stories Untold combines a mix of classic text-adventure and point-and-click adventure in a modern presentation. The game comprises of four short stories (The House Abandon, The Lab Conduct, The Station Process, and The Last Session) packed together into a single mysterious anthology that was very well received by the media and gamers alike.

Each of the four unique stories features their own settings, gameplay, and mechanics. Also, the game quickly hops from one genre to the other, so you’ll be able to experience Stories Untold as a psychological horror, a tense mystery, and terrifying sci-fi.

In Stories Untold, you’ll be playing mind-bending text adventures, process radio transmissions and conduct experiments on bizarre artifacts. Thanks to the gorgeous retro-aesthetic, you’ll experience vivid memories or a glimpse into what was. One other reason to play Stories Untold is the synth-wave horror soundtrack inspired by 80s horror soundtracks, which perfectly fits the theme.

The story takes place in England, 1986 and while the first three episodes seem to be standalone experiences, the fourth episode reveals that they are in fact interconnected. As mentioned above, each episode plays differently, with the last two involving a little bit of first-person exploration as well, and each delivers its own snippet of a story.

Overall, Stories Untold seems like a decent atmospheric retro-inspired text-adventure game, though a little bit on the short side. Still, if you’re into this kind of game, you might want to give it a try later this week.

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