Vivaldi Browser to Support Windows 7 for At Least 18 More Months

We’re only a few hours away from the moment Windows 7 is projected to receive the last set of updates, and pretty much everyone tells users still running this OS version to upgrade their devices as soon as possible.

In reality, however, while Windows 7 would no longer receive security updates, there are other ways to keep devices running it secure, and keeping the installed apps fully up-to-date is one essential step here.

When it comes to browsers, Google has already confirmed that Chrome would continue to support Windows 7 for at least 18 more months. Earlier today, Microsoft also revealed a similar timeframe for its Chromium-based browser.

In addition, Vivaldi says it’ll continue to update the Windows 7 version of its browser until at least July 2021 as well, so it’ll align with the other companies in offering additional support for the 2009 operating system even after its retirement date.

Major browsers supporting Windows 7 after EOL

As I said on several occasions, while Vivaldi may not have the market share of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it remains one of the most capable browsers out there, offering an insane amount of customization options and features that you don’t necessarily find elsewhere in the default package.

Furthermore, Vivaldi has recently resolved one of its biggest drawbacks, as it switched to a Google Chrome user agent instead of a custom one, technically making websites believe you’re using Google Chrome and thus offer full compatibility – as a matter of fact, Vivaldi uses Chromium, the same engine that powers Google Chrome, so this user agent update just makes sense.

In terms of browsers, it’s pretty clear that there’s no reason to worry about if you decide to stick with Windows 7 for a little longer, although at some point in the future, the upgrade to Windows 10 (or a non-Windows operating system, of course) is still likely to become the only option.

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