Xiaomi’s Latest $28 Wireless Earbuds Are So Playful You’ll Want Them Right Now

The wireless earbuds market keeps growing with more and more models, and pretty much every large tech company has already launched or is currently working on such a product.

Xiaomi obviously couldn’t stay away from this continuously-expanding industry, and after launching several wireless earbuds models to tackle multiple price points, the Chinese company is back with a version that’s part of the Line Friends series.

So instead of trying to compete with Apple’s AirPods with a super-premium device, Xiaomi has launched new wireless earbuds that you’re going to love for the simple fact they’re super-cute.

There are two versions on sale in China, and they’re called Brown and Sally, as you’d normally expect from a device that’s part of the Line Friends family.

On sale right now

On sale for 189 yuan, which is less than $30, these wireless earbuds should last for approximately 6 days per charge in standby and provide up to 3.5 hours of continuously playback. They come with the basic feature package, including a rechargeable case, which also pauses the connection and turns the earbuds off when they’re placed inside.

The earbuds boasts an IP5X rating and feature Bluetooth 5.0, which at some level is actually surprising given the price tag.

I haven’t tried these earbuds to know how good is the audio quality, but at $28, I expect nothing more than decent performance. Xiaomi is known as a company that builds premium products at a lower price than most of its rivals, so I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if most people are impressed with these earbuds.

For the time being, this new product is only available in China, which is quite a shame because I’m pretty sure so many people living elsewhere would buy them just because the way they look.

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