Microsoft Could Make Its Dual-Screen Surface the Ultimate Gaming Machine

Microsoft’s new hardware push includes several new-generation models, including a dual-screen Surface Neo that’s projected to land in the holiday season of this year.

Surface Neo, which will run Windows 10X, will be first and foremost supposed to pioneer this new product category, and will represent the hero device for dual-screen models.

By the looks of things, Microsoft wants the Surface Neo to excel not only in terms of portability, usability, and productivity, but also as far as the number of ways you can use it.

So in addition to the modes powered by the dual-screen form factor, Surface Neo could also become a gaming device, as discovered in a recent patent.

Surface Neo for gaming

According to this recent discovery, Microsoft might be planning to build an “input device” for the Surface Neo that could land in the form of “a trackpack or game controller,” as the patent reads.

In other words, Microsoft could be working a gaming accessory for the Surface Neo, obviously in an attempt to expand the horizons of this dual-screen model.

It goes without saying the Surface Neo wouldn’t have the necessary hardware to become the ultimate gaming machine, but Microsoft still wants to offer state-of-the-art gaming capabilities. So what it might be planning to do is use the gamepad accessory for the Surface Neo with Project xCloud, technically relying on cloud gaming to address this setback.

Obviously, Project xCloud allows pretty much any device to be used for gaming, regardless its hardware capabilities, but the Surface Neo could sport additional features and capabilities in this regard.

There’s so much more we still don’t know on the Surface Neo, so expect more details that would help figure out how this device is project to tackle the gaming market in the coming months as we approach the holiday launch.

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