Terror Squid Is an Addictive Bullet Hell Coming to PC and Switch

The fine folks at Apt Games claim Terror Squid is Norway’s first arcade game. We’re not here to contradict that statement, but to tell you a little bit about this bullet hell game that’s easy to understand but difficult to master.

But first, let’s mention Terror Squid will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch this spring. In fact, you can already wishlist the game on Steam if you want to be notified when it becomes available for purchase.

Now, the first thing you see when you start playing Terror Squid is the unique vector graphics that fit perfectly with the thumping soundtrack to provide players with a “deliciously terrifying arcade experience.”

It’s such a simple premise, but we fine-tuned it to have plenty of tactical, score-chasing depth, and playthroughs are brief and tense enough to feel like an epic odyssey in the span of a minute. The true terror is how much time you’ll procrastinate on work playing the damn thing!” said TERROR SQUID Creative Director Syver Lauritzsen.

In Terror Squid, you play as a cosmic chaotic entity that’s spinning around a dying planet emitting hazardous projectiles. Your objective is to survive for as long as possible without getting hit by your own projectiles. If you manage to survive long enough, you’ll be able to release a primordial blast of dark energy which detonates all your projectiles clearing the map.

It’s also worth mentioning Terror Squid draws inspiration from games like Super Stardust and Devil Daggers, so expect your strategical skills and reflexes to be put to the test. Are you ready to create your own bullet hell in Terror Squid? If the answer is yes, pray that you survive long enough for the primordial blast to charge up.

A little bit of warning though before you’re watching the game’s trailer: it’s not what you think, so be ready for a nightmarish surprise.

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