I think some enterprise professionals who have never worked remotely will find doing so stressful. I hope this short collection of apps will help you through the experience.

It’s important to note that remote working is improved when the people doing the work feel as good as they can in the circumstances they are in.

Try to relax: Buddhify

Given his ascetic lifestyle and deep veneration for the work of Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, I’m willing to bet that Apple’s Steve Jobs practiced meditation. At times of stress, meditation can help you tune your mind, body and spirit into one frequency.

This doesn’t mean you make things better, of course, it simply helps you become the most effective person you can be in the environment you are in. I use meditation to focus my mind on complex tasks. I like $5 app Buddhify. The 14 different meditation practices it provides for that fee should help you through a range of situations without worrying about recurring subscription charges.

Speak to people: Group FaceTime and Zoom

Working remotely can leave some people feeling pretty isolated. One way to mitigate those feelings is to talk with real people. You can do this on the phone or a video chat service such as Group FaceTime or Zoom.

The first app is an ideal choice for Apple users as it integrates so well into the system and works really well, but if you want to speak to people who aren’t on an Apple device, then Zoom is emerging as the favored choice at this time. Both offer great video experiences that let you mingle with real humans to help you feel more connected and less isolated.

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