With everything else you have on your work-from-home plate, the last thing you need is a surprise patch that doesn’t … quite … work … right. Spare yourself the drama, and sit on the sidelines while we all crowdsource patch beta testing. 

We haven’t seen one, single emergency patch in well over a year. Contrariwise, every month, we see odd reports of problems — some of them quite obscure, some of the head-whackingly simple. You might get bit. You might not. But why take the risk?

In spite of the glittery headlines and frantic cries of impending doom, you don’t need to patch right away. Make Windows hold off for a bit, and wait to see what mayhem ensues.

General, if unofficial, consensus says that Microsoft won’t release its next version of Windows, Win10 version 2004 (or 20H1 or May 2020 Update) until later in the month. We’ll stumble across that bridge when we come to it. In the interim, get updates locked down and go back to whatever counts as “normal” in your life.

Tell your friends to batten down the hatches, too.

Blocking automatic update on Win7 and 8.1

Those who paid for Win7 Extended Security Updates should be cautious about installing patches immediately. Those who didn’t will either ignore the patches (large majority there), or wait to see if free alternatives appear — and 0patch has filled in several cracks. We’ll be covering both intently on AskWoody.com.

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